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Plant Power

Plant Power

Plant Powered Proteins Are Here!

Sprout is the first company to introduce a complete line of plant powered purees and snacks for babies and toddlers, with vegetable-based proteins from organic chickpeas, lentils, and beans.

Plant-based diets are growing in popularity as more and more people are getting protein from plants. The countless health benefits of a plant-based diet include increased life expectancy, a reduced occurrence of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, and reduced exposure to pro-inflammatory fats, antibiotics, and growth hormones used in the raising of animals.

Meet Our Plant Power Dietitian:

Sharon has created an award-winning career based on combining her two great loves: food and writing. As a registered dietitian with a broad foundation in health care, she channeled her passion into journalism over the past 15 years, covering a variety of topics, such as health, wellness, nutrition, and cooking. Sharon is also an accomplished writer on food and environmental issues, having published a number of features on plant-based diets, hunger, agriculture, local and organic foods, eco-friendly culinary practices, sustainability, food safety, humane animal practices, and food security. In particular, Sharon has expertise in plant-based nutrition.

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Sprout's Stage 2 plant-based protein purees are now available in five delicious flavors: Butternut Blueberry Apple with Beans, Carrot Chickpea Zucchini Pear, Strawberry Apple Beet Red Bean, Apricot Banana Chickpea Fig, and Sweet Potato White Bean with Cinnamon.

Sprout’s Stage 3 plant based protein purees are made with organic chickpeas, lentils and beans, offering a delicious protein alternative to meat and dairy-based products.

Power Pak™ purees are made with a unique Superblend that provides essential nutrients to toddlers, including 3 grams of protein, 4 grams of fiber, omega 3 from chia, and a full serving of fruit per pouch. All of Sprout’s plant powered purees are dairy-free and vegan friendly!

Sprout Curlz are curly, crunchy snacks for toddlers made from organic chickpeas and lentils. They are baked, never fried, and are available in broccoli, white cheddar and sweet potato & cinnamon. Curlz are a gluten-free snack preserved only with organic rosemary (the rosemary does not affect flavor).

Sprout Organic Crinklez are a plant powered, popped veggie snack for toddlers, made from organic chickpeas and popped with colorful carrots, spinach, and beets that you can see in every bite! Crinklez have a fun shape and crinkly, crunchy texture for toddlers who are learning to self-feed. Availible in two delicious flavors: Cheesy Spinach and Pumpkin Carrot.

Sprout Organic Plant Power Puffs are a tasty starter snack for babies, made only with 5/6 simple ingredients including ancient grain sorghum and real fruits and vegetables. Sprout's Puffs provide 5 grams of whole grains and are preserved only with organic rosemary (does not affect flavor). This plant-powered baby snack is available in Carrot Peach Mango and Apple Kale flavors.

Sprout Organic Toddler Meals: Sprout is the first brand to launch a line of organic, plant powered, veggie forward meals for toddlers. Each delicious meal provides more than a full serving of veggies and 5 grams of protein without using any artificial ingredients, colors, preservatives or fillers. Available in 4 delicious varieties!

Sprout Toddler Veggie Power Purees are a tasty and convenient way to introduce more vegetables into their diet with a tasty blend of whole vegetables and fruit. Each pouch delivers a full serving of veggies, 2 grams of protein, and 3-4 grams of fiber in a variety of toddler approved flavors. 

The Critics Have Spoken:
Sprout’s complete line of plant-powered purees and snacks for babies and toddlers—which includes Stage 2 and Stage 3 Plant Protein Blends, Power Paks™, Organic Curlz™ and Organic Crinklez™—has been recognized by the prestigious National Parenting Product Awards (NAPPA), alongside our popular Organic Crispy Chews and Organic Plant Power Puffs. Read what parents had to say about these protein-packed products:

Sprout’s Organic Broccoli Curlz named the winner of Delicious Living’s “2017 Best Bite Award” in the Best Baby/Toddler Food category.