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Company History

Sprout Foods, Inc. was launched in 2008 by a small group of like-minded friends who wished to develop wholesome, organic baby food products that tasted like no others on the market. A leader in innovation, Sprout launched the very first baby food in a pouch to provide on-the-go convenience to parents.

Sprout expanded its portfolio to toddler meals in 2012 and, by popular demand, introduced Toddler Snacks a year later as well as nutritious smoothies and snacks for sprouts of all ages. Today, Sprout has more than 50 organic offerings that use only the finest organic ingredients.

At Sprout, we are committed to using whole foods, not from concentrate, and reducing the processing steps to keep our recipes as close to how mother nature intended – right from the earth. Sprout recipes feature tasty combinations of whole fruits, vegetables, and grains that let the amazing taste of the organic ingredients shine through, without the need for additives, fillers, thickeners, or preservatives. It’s our Honesty Pledge.




Company History

Early 2008

A few friends, including a professional chef, cook up an idea over dinner to start an organic baby food company.

March 2008

Our first, great-tasting recipe, Sweet Potato and White Bean, is created in our test kitchen.

Mid 2008

Sprout Organic Baby Food invents the original baby food in a pouch.

Early 2009

Offering a variety of organic recipes, Sprout Organic Baby Food products ship to retailers for the first time.

January 2009

Sprout joins Facebook.

February 2009

Sprout Baby Food is available in 190 H-E-B grocery stores in Texas.

October 2009

Sprout Baby Food is now available across the country in Publix, Kroger, Whole Foods, Meijers and Wegmans stores.

October 2010

Sprout reaches 2,000 Facebook fans.

October - November 2010

Walmart begins carrying Sprout baby food.

December 2010

Sprout joins Twitter to spread the word about their exciting, organic baby food brand.

March 2012

Sprout branches out from baby food to launch Toddler Meals in 8 delicious varieties.

September 2012

Sprout’s innovative squeeze pouches and new recipes start rolling out in stores.

February 2013

Sprout reaches 90,000 fans on Facebook.

March 2013

Sprout announces their new Toddler Snacks, Advanced recipes, and packaging!

April 2013

Sprout reaches 100,000 Facebook fans.

July 2013

Sprout reaches 150,000 Facebook fans, the largest Facebook community among organic baby food brands.

August 2013

Sprout expands its product line to include Smash Smoothie snack pouches for big kids!

January 2014

Sprout Rise is launched, a line of nutritious smoothies and snacks designed for all ages.

March 2014

Sprout announces their new Squeezable Snacks, a line of delicious purees that makes eating more fruits and veggies fun and easy!