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Which Comes First – Fruits or Vegetables?

Surprisingly, the order of introduction of foods does not matter. The idea that if you give your baby fruits first, she will not like vegetables – and vice versa - has no basis in fact. While babies are born with a natural “sweet” preference - making breast milk and formula acceptable – babies will acquire new tastes and preferences virtually every day.

There are a few things you can do to make fruits and vegetables – and nearly any flavor - more appetizing from the get go:

  • Introduce one flavor at a time so your baby can learn to like that flavor on its own
  • Anticipate that it may take several tries before your baby likes a new food
  • The earlier you introduce a variety of foods, the more likely your baby will be to explore and appreciate new tastes

It won’t always be easy. The first time your baby tries a new food, she may appear to reject it by making a face or even spitting it out. Realize that it is all new to her and she may simply be letting you know that she isn’t quite sure just yet. Keep trying! Let her learn to like the taste of a variety of wholesome fruits and vegetables, like sweet potatoes, peaches, carrots, and peas