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What are Finger Foods?

It can be liberating when babies start to pick up certain foods on their own.
Once your baby is able to sit up independently and bring objects to her mouth, you can start offering finger foods.

Finger foods are bite-sized pieces of soft, easy-to-chew and swallow foods that your little one can pick up by herself.  It will take some practice for her to master self-feeding with her fingers.  She will need to use her pincer grasp, which is the ability to pick things up between her thumb and forefinger. This is one of the early steps toward her ability to self-feed!

There are certain foods with a soft consistency that are easier to swallow and more ideally suited for small fingers. 

  • Small dices of well-cooked carrots
  • Little cubes of avocado
  • Wafer-like cracker pieces, well-cooked noodles and cereal bites (like Sprout Quinoa Puffs)

Some foods will be easier to pick up than others. Canned peaches might be too slippery for your baby to pick up at first while small bites of sweet potato will be a success. She may need a little bit of help from you in the beginning, but she will quickly learn this skill!