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10 Learning Activities for Infants

• Carry your baby in a sling or carrier as you go about your daily activity. The changing scenery will be visually interesting to him/her and the higher vantage point will help baby see the world around them.

• Let your baby have hang-out time on a blanket with a baby gym overhead. Your baby will find the contrasting colors (such as black and white or primary colors) of the dangling toys entertaining and visually stimulating.

• Coo, sing and talk to your baby. This is how they learn! Watch how your baby will look at your eyes and lips while you communicate with them.  Hint: Babies love high-pitched sounds (even if your dog doesn’t.)

• Play peek-a-boo. This teaches baby cause and effect and eventually he/she will learn that you don’t disappear even when you are under that blanket (this is called object constancy).

• Massage or lightly tickle your baby (especially those little piggy toes!) This will stimulate baby’s sense of touch.

• Sit with your baby in front of a mirror and encourage him or her to look at themselves and you.  Make silly faces and see if your baby tries to mimic you.

• Play music for your baby in the car and at home, as studies have shown that this is beneficial to their developing brains!

• Read to your baby and show him/her the pictures. Even though your baby is too young to follow along, your voice, along with the colorful pictures, will still create a multi-sensory learning experience!

• Play “What do I hear?” Anytime you hear a sound, like a dog barking or the washing machine whirring, ask your baby, “What is that sound? And then answer, “That’s a doggie!” or, “That’s the washing machine.”  Hearing labels for common things will help him or her develop language skills in the months to come.

• Play finger and toe games with your baby, such as This Little Piggy or The Itsy Bitsy Spider.  These games will engage baby’s sense of touch while he or she also listens to the sound of your voice.

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