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Sprout Foods Makes Commitment to Partnership for a Healthier America

Sprout, PHA join forces to further raise the bar on transforming infant and toddler nutrition

MONTVALE, N.J., April 2, 2019 – Sprout Foods today joined Partnership for a Healthier America as part of its ongoing commitment to tackle America’s obesity crisis by shaping nutritious food preferences among infants and toddlers.
“Historically, our society has tried – and largely failed – to treat and fix obesity and its related health issues,” said Rick Klauser, CEO, Sprout Foods.  “Now, we know better.  We can help prevent the problem from occurring in the first place by introducing babies to a variety of vegetables and plant-based foods within the first year of life.”

The problem is two-fold.  First, studies show that 27 percent of children between 1 and 3 years of age do not eat a single serving of vegetables on a given day. Of those who do, French Fries are the most common vegetable consumed.  Second, infants are born with a natural predisposition toward sweeter foods.  If given in to, overconsumption of sweet foods can put children on a path to a lifetime of unhealthy eating habits and a range of serious health issues, including obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

“We can help young children modify their palates and preferences for sweets at an early age,” said Sharon Palmer, MSFS, RDN and nutrition advisor to Sprout.  “By exposing children to healthier foods, parents have the power to set their children in a healthier direction by developing palates that welcome vegetables, plants and other savory food, while reducing the preference for sweeter ones.”

For 11 years, Sprout Foods has been driving change in infant and toddler foods by offering parents whole organic foods that expand the palates of babies and toddlers.  The company is transparent in what it does so parents can be sure Sprout recipes feature what they want and nothing they don’t.
Sprout uses combinations of whole fruits, vegetables and grains with no concentrates, additives, preservatives and no added sugar.  Sprout’s use of clean, honest, pure and whole ingredients, along with plant-powered proteins, represent a better choice for parents and their children.

“Teaming up with Partnership for a Healthier America provides us with an opportunity to have an even greater impact on the nutrition and eating habits of infants, toddlers and ultimately adults,” said Klauser.  “We commit to ensure at least 50 percent of Sprout pouch purees have a vegetable as the first ingredient and will continue to ensure that 100 percent of our pouches contain no added sugars.”

“The baby food industry plays a key role in shaping early preferences and has the potential to support parents in developing healthy food habits.  We're excited to work with Sprout to drive transformational change in the way we feed infants and toddlers," said Nancy E. Roman, President and CEO of the Partnership for a Healthier America.

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Sprout® provides premium organic foods and snacks for babies and toddlers that help parents raise healthy, adventurous eaters. With a broad range of choices including only USDA certified organic, non-GMO ingredients and a mix of whole fruits, vegetables and grains, Sprout's products are designed to expand baby's palate beyond sweet and establish a love of nutritious foods early on. Founded in 2008, the independent company is at the forefront of innovation in organic infant nutrition and is committed to re-imagining healthy eating for modern families. For more information on Sprout® and where to buy products, visit http://www.sproutorganicfoods.com.

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