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Picking out Picky Eaters

Babies often have highly discerning tastes, which may come off as “picky eating.”

Picky eating often shows up around a year of age. Your baby’s appetite and intake varies by meal and/or by day. Today’s favorite food is rejected tomorrow, and the preference for only one or two foods – commonly known as food jags – may begin. 

The term ‘picky eater’ is often used disapprovingly by parents to describe a variety of eating behaviors. Some parents have expectations of how much food needs to be consumed by their little one, and label their child ‘picky’ if less food is eaten. Other parents experience food jags with their child, where only one or two foods are acceptable - and this may be called ‘picky eating.’ Sometimes toddlers just want to be active, and sitting in the highchair keeps them from their preferred play, and earns them the ‘picky’ emblem.

However you define picky eating, the best defense is to introduce a variety of tastes at a young age to acclimate the developing palate toward adventurous eating.