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Parents and Picky Eaters

The most important thing parents can do when they perceive their child as being a picky eater is to continue to offer a variety of healthy meals on a regular schedule. The selection of foods offered should also include previously rejected foods. It’s important to remember that your baby is being introduced to a variety of flavors and developing tastes, and it’s perfectly normal if a food is not immediately accepted.

The worst thing that parents can do – for themselves and their children - is to make food and mealtime a battleground. Mealtimes are meant to be pleasant, and forcing your little one to eat can actually cause him or her to become pickier and eat less. Likewise, avoid bargaining with your child to take one more bite. He will quickly learn how to negotiate bites of food if the reward is dessert. That is a losing proposition for you both.

Accept that your child will eat when he is hungry and he will decide how much is enough.  This may be easier said than done. However, if you can stay the course rather than following your toddler around, hoping he will take a bite of something --- anything --- you will find yourself in a better place!