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How to Introduce New Foods

The culinary adventure begins!

Start with 1-2 tablespoons of a single-ingredient pureed food. Offer the same food for 2-3 days before introducing another new food. This gives your little one the chance to become familiar with each flavor. It will also allow you the opportunity to check for any adverse reactions to certain foods.

If your baby does not respond to a particular food, try offering it again the following week. Another idea is to create a flavor bridge. What’s a flavor bridge, you might think?

  • Place a little bit of a favorite, preferred food on the spoon, along with a small amount of new food. The familiar flavor helps establish a bridge to the new flavor. After a couple of spoonfuls of the combined food, offer the new food on the spoon alone. This allows your baby to become familiar with, and learn to like, the new taste.

Flavor bridges are just one of the tricks of the trade. The airplane is another. Don’t be discouraged if there is some hesitancy or resistance at first! Keep in mind that all of this is new to your baby and is being learned for the first time.  How do you introduce new foods to your baby?